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mastered the conversion of original content creation into a profit center through traffic acquisition and reader monetization.

Viewbix’s digital content business is focused on creating and marketing engaging and effective content on its digital platforms, for diverse audiences in various languages. The company acts as a digital content platform with content experts in various topics, who produce unique content on a daily basis for the company’s seven content websites. The company’s technology enables the monetization of the content by advertising it on its international websites.

The digital content business is engaged in the creation and editing of content, in different languages, for different target audiences, for the purposes of generating revenues from leading advertising platforms, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Apple, by utilizing such content to obtain internet user traffic for its advertisers.

Viewbix specializes in creating original content
Viewbix uses cloud smart infrastructure that:
Viewbix’s automatic platform features the following services:

Viewbix publishes and promotes its content through several leading platforms at over 10,000 properties around the world.

Using cutting-edge technology software, AI and analysis, Viewbix is capable of accurately selecting the most potentially successful content

Viewbix’s primary focus is to adapt, research, and write material that grabs our readers and launches them into an alternate reality — one where all their dog-loving needs are met, and they know exactly what cars are expected to be released next year

Viewbix’s seven unique websites offer content on a wide range of topics including travel, history, culture, animals, and more. With content optimized for all platforms, readers can enjoy our content absolutely anywhere

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